If you experience problems with the online entry process, including payments by Stripe, or if you have any questions about entering Jerwood Makers Open that can not be answered by reading the General Information or Terms & Conditions, or by looking at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below, please email Parker Harris or tel. 020 3653 0896.


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If your work is straight forward film or photographic work, i.e. traditional photographic prints created from various subjects and themes, then we would advise you that they would not be relevant for this opportunity.  However, if you are using photography or film as part of an applied arts practice, then that would be relevant.  Whilst this initiative looks to explore the wider context of contemporary applied arts practice, please note that the decision of the Selection Panel is final and binding. If you are still unsure about eligibility, please contact the exhibition organisers, Parker Harris.

Not necessarily, as this initiative aims to support artists working within the applied arts. However, if you are expanding your practice and are proposing works that cross in to the applied arts field, then these may be relevant. Whilst this initiative looks to explore the wider context of contemporary applied arts practice, please note that the decision of the Selection Panel is final and binding. If you are still unsure, please contact the Project Managers, Parker Harris.

The entry fee is £10 per maker. Makers may only enter once, but can upload 6 images to support their application.

No. Jerwood Makers Open seeks to offer opportunities for makers who have finished their formal training or who have been committed to an active practice for up to 10 years.

Yes, Jerwood Makers Open is open to makers who are within 10 years of setting up their practice.

Yes, Jerwood Makers Open is open to all makers currently resident in the UK regardless of where they were born.

Applicants should have been resident in the UK at least the last three years.

No, Jerwood Makers Open is only open to artists resident in the UK.

Artist will be notified by 2 November 2018 if they have been selected for interview.

Images: check that each of your image files are 500kb or less and that they are the accepted file types (either JPG, TIFF, or PNG.)

We ask you to submit the following:

  • A 50 word summary of your proposal
  • An 800 word proposal for new work or works

Your proposal should outline the work you would like to make if you were successful with your application. Please write in a clear and concise way and get the important information across in your proposal summary and the first sentences of your longer proposal.

Your 800 word proposal for new work or works should include information about:

  • Why you want to make the work(s)
  • How you think the opportunity will benefit and develop your practice in the short and long term
  • The materials and processes you will use

We receive lots of strong applications and shortlist those that we feel reflect the most outstanding and original practice, and that could have the most impact for the artist, catalysing positive developments to their practice and profile. The panel have a wide knowledge base of contemporary practice and will be looking for:

  • Bold and ambitious thinking, which is achievable within the six month time frame and with the resources available
  • Fully researched proposals that demonstrate why they are unique and meaningful

Proposals should therefore be fully considered and as detailed as possible, covering both the ideas behind the work as well as the practicalities of how they might be realised. Think about how the award would impact on your current position, and how the exhibition opportunities and support offered alongside it could make a difference to you and your work long-term.

It is very common for applicants to say that the award will be invaluable to them, that they would relish the opportunity or that it would be inspiring. We have designed Jerwood Makers Open to be that way, so go further and tell us specifically why.

  • A brief timeline for making (from concept development to completion and delivery of work)

There is only a six month development and production period, so the more fully formed your ideas are about the materials and processes involved, the easier it will be for the panel to envisage what it is that you want to make and see how we might help you realise it. So please include details of the timeframes for concept development, production and delivery of the work to Jerwood Space, London. Should you be selected we will not hold you to the letter of what you say in your application and will encourage your ideas to grow and evolve over the six month development period.

  • A brief outline budget

Although we do not ask for a detailed budget at this stage, the panel need to understand how the project is achievable using the funds available. So please include information on how the budget might be spent, including a fee for your time, and if you have in-kind support, please also include details of this.

Last but not least, it can be helpful to sense check your application with a peer – ask them if they easily understand your practice based on what you have written.

You can submit images of current work or work in progress that best showcase your practice and your ambition.

Bear in mind that seeing your images might be the first time a selector is made aware of your work, so use the best quality images of your work possible- poorer ones and inconsistency will let you down overall.

When trying to understand an artist’s work for the first time images are most useful when they are well-lit, have clear, white backgrounds and situate the object in space so that it can be understand what the object is in basic terms. If anything is still unclear, use the image listing to cite what certain materials are. If you are submitting research or unfinished work ensure that is clear to the selector.

The award is to cover an artist’s fee and all costs involved in the production of the proposed work from pre-production to delivery of the work to Jerwood Space in London. There is a separate budget for installation managed by Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

Should you be successful in your application to Jerwood Makers Open, we will require a considerable time commitment from you. This is part of the reason why we will not consider an application from anyone who is undertaking a higher education programme of study whether part- or full-time at any point between October 2018 – June 2019. Please keep in mind the key dates and ensure you can commit enough time within the timeframe to the production of the work, as well as to the exhibition installations, and to promoting your work with us. You will be able to determine a fee from within the award to buy in this time from you. However, please do not apply if you do not feel you will be able to commit an appropriate amount of time to Jerwood Makers Open.

Yes. We very much encourage applications from artists who are not London-based, and have additional budget to support their travel.

If your question is not answered within this FAQ section, Parker Harris will be available to respond to any additional questions that you may have throughout the application process. However,  if you request assistance in the last few days before the deadline, be aware that the volume of applications that we typically receive in this period is very high. We therefore recommend you submit your application well in advance of the deadline in case any questions arise when you complete the form. For questions about your application please contact: 3653 0896.


We troubleshoot the website thoroughly; nevertheless, from time to time people do report technical difficulties when submitting via the website. 99% of these occur within the last hour before we close the applications portal as a result of the high volume of applicants trying to submit at that time. Therefore we strongly advise that you try to submit your application well in advance of the deadline.

We recommend drafting your application offline so that you can paste your answers into the online form when you are ready. Please be aware Word and website word count tools may differ slightly.

If you do experience a technical issue with the website, please report it to us ASAP: 3653 0896.

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